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Paralegal Schools & Colleges

Paralegals play an important role in many law offices around the globe. They are responsible for many of the same tasks as lawyers, and they often help lawyers learn all of the pertinent facts about a case before going to court.

They also are responsible for office duties including keeping files organized, prepare financial or other legal documents, and conduct research for lawyers.

Although some paralegals are trained on the job, many complete a two- or four-year paralegal training course to help them prepare for the job.

Education Programs

In a paralegal education program, students learn the basic skills they will need to use in the law office.

These include research, reading, and writing skills, as well as some knowledge of the law and how it works.

Skills Needed for a Paralegal

Paralegals also must have strong organizational skills and must work well with others.

They are often responsible for working with clients who are drafting wills or writing mortgages, so good interpersonal skills are key.

Paralegal Schooling

Paralegal schooling usually takes around two years, culminating in a certificate or an Associate’s degree.

Many four-year institutions also offer these types of programs, and they will usually include more information about the legal system and the basic codes of law.

Regardless of the length of the program, students will be sure to receive the training they need to become successful as a paralegal.

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