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Paralegal Studies & Classes

Paralegals assist attorneys every day. They are a valuable and most often an irreplaceable tool for the attorney.

A lot of the behind the scenes work that is done in a trial is done by a paralegal. Becoming a paralegal can be a good boost to your career.

Paralegals are well paid and highly sought after. It is easy to train to become a paralegal.

One may choose to do this by going to school at home or at a college campus and majoring in paralegal studies. There are many different degrees available for paralegal studies.

A paralegal may hold a certificate, an Associates degree, a Bachelors degree, or even a Master’s degree.

The typical course studies are civil law, torts, transcription, criminal law and family law.

Once the paralegal tests are passed, a paralegal may find a job in an attorney’s office, a law firm, a business corporation, the opportunities are endless.

If a paralegal works with in a attorney’s office, the job duties could include filing paperwork, working closely with the attorney’s clients in preparation of their cases, taking documents to the prothonotary’s office, and assisting in trial preparation.

Getting a certification and passing the paralegal test is a fast track way a rewarding and exciting new career.

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